As established consultants in executive and specialist recruitment, we serve companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. Our core skills include expertise in a wide range of business sectors.

Our organisational structure is manageable, works efficiently and offers a high level of flexibility that benefits our clients, and we provide efficient, customised and cost-effective solutions in all spheres of recruitment. Our partners have had many years of management experience in a variety of industrial and service sectors, both in international corporations and in small to medium-sized enterprises.

Our company-specific research provides us with a high-quality preselection based on quality alone.

We work across different sectors of industry. Both senior and junior executives need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and must be innovative, strategic, customer-focused and staff-focused in everything they do. These are personal success factors which we endeavour to find for you from the entire market. As long as a person fits the relevant selection criteria, you’ll often find excellent candidates among career changers, as they can contribute new ideas to your company, sometimes from their expertise in different markets.