Our services

  • Customised recruitment of supervisory board members, advisory board members, management and executive board members, and senior and junior executives as well as specialists throughout Germany and Europe.
  • Whenever we take on a recruitment brief, you can be assured that the project will be personally handled by a dedicated consultant. Your recruitment project will never be handled by junior staff.
  • Each consultant conducts their preselection with the support of a research team that can look back to many years of experience and help to ensure that our projects usually take no longer than four to six months.
  • All personal interviews with candidates are conducted entirely by the relevant project consultant. This means that he or she can share your expectations directly with the candidate during the interview and match them up with the candidate’s profile. This saves a lot of time!
  • After specific case-by-case coordination with our clients, we may sometimes also conduct advert-supported or combined searches (i.e. headhunting combined with adverts) on the internet.


Our procedure


We start each project with an in-depth profile meeting that covers all the details of the relevant vacancy and its specific environment.

As mentioned earlier, we believe that "soft" factors are decisive criteria for the successful integration of a new employee into your organisation. We are, therefore, particularly keen to learn about your corporate culture – better still, to experience it and to get to know the line managers and the professional environment of your new staff in person. Later, when we talk to candidates, this means we can predict with reasonable accuracy whether a person will fit into the new environment, quite apart from the relevant professional requirements.

We see this assessment as a special strength of the customised support concept we have created.

At such a profile meeting, we would also be happy to learn about your expectations concerning the current entrepreneurial environment where a potential candidate would be working.

The results of the meeting will be sent to you in the form of written corporate, job and requirement profiles so that you can then let us know if there is anything you’d like to change.

We will then start looking for candidates straightaway, and all meetings will be conducted exclusively by our project consultant. This is the only way to ensure a consistent, comparative assessment of candidates. It is also why we deliberately do not use junior staff in conducting the search.

Any candidates who made a positive impression during preselection and in the telephone interviews are invited for at least one face-to-face meeting which usually takes about two hours and is also conducted exclusively by the project consultant. We believe it’s in the best interest of our clients to take plenty of time for such interviews, as we only want to offer you candidates whom we actually find convincing.

Throughout our search for a candidate, the project consultant is, of course, always available for a meeting, either in person on your premises or over the phone. Moreover, we will continually keep you posted about the progress of our search.

Experience has shown that we can present the first candidates about four to six weeks after agreeing a profile with you (see above), in the form of a written report. You then decide whether you want them to come for interviews at your company, which we would gladly arrange.

Subject to your consent, the project consultant will be happy to take part in the interview at your company as a “silent observer” so that they can experience the entire interview situation directly. This means they will be able to understand your assessment without any lengthy explanations. Should you expressly request this, we would be happy to moderate the meeting.

If you wish, we would also be pleased to advise you in the subsequent choice of a candidate.




We are aware that our line of business does not offer many tangible criteria to assess the appropriateness of a consultancy fee. What matters therefore is our clients’ trust in our skills and ability. We honour this trust through transparent fee agreements that reflect our commitment to delivering objectivity in our consultancy work.

Before we take on a consultancy project, we agree with our client on a monthly fee over a specific pre-arranged period of time, based on the complexity of the brief, the geographical scope of the search and the likely number of staff we require to fulfil your brief. Our clients can, therefore, be assured of maximum objectivity. The fee is independent of any successful conclusion of the consulting process and also of the salary that is eventually paid to the candidate whom we present or who is eventually employed.

We will bill you separately for any project-specific travel and accommodation expenses and any other expenses incurred by our consultants and submitted to us by candidates. Should you request this, we can also apply a flat rate covering a specific period.

If you employ a new member of staff as a result of our services and you then terminate their employment within six months on account of unambiguously poor performance, or if you conclude an employment cancellation contract within six months, for the same reasons, we undertake to reopen the project and start again. In such a case, we will not charge you any additional fee.

Should you prefer some alternative fee model, we would be pleased to discuss it with you.