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When we headhunt potential candidates,
we reap success without sifting
through numerous job portals on the web
or placing our own job adverts.
Our staff talk to previously identified candidates
to see whether they might be interested
in a job at your company.
Under competition law,
this procedure is not open
to companies conducting
their own recruitment.

Basis for
long-term collaboration

When we assess people, we do not define our clients’
future employees coldly as “human capital”,
but we put the emphasis on the individual –
each with their own specific skills and abilities.
We spare no effort in talking to you in person so that we can fine-tune
the profile of each potential candidate at this early stage.

This means we focus, in particular, on your self-image
as an enterprise and your corporate culture:

This means we focus, in particular, on your self-image
as an enterprise and your corporate culture:

It’s important that the candidates we present are not merely
convincing professionals, but that – based on forecasts –
they will also fit into your entrepreneurial environment.
We believe that "soft selection criteria" play a major role
in the choice of a candidate: Technically, a person may be
superbly qualified. Yet they may not "fit" into your company.
Before we suggest anyone, we carry out this preliminary matching
which is very much one of our core skills.

In our reports and, later, in person, we will only present prospective candidates who will genuinely "fit".

We present quality, not quantity.

Whenever we accept a new recruitment brief, we aim to work to an extremely high standard,
creating a sound basis for long-term collaboration.

To give you some security, we’ll conduct a free search
for you within six months of a new employment if this becomes necessary.

Please feel free to contact us. We’d like to convince you
and explain to you in person what our work involves.

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